Basic principles of the structure of our social Network
Welcome to the administration of the social Network!
In this section, I want to tell, what представлят of its social Network and how is it useful to You:
  • create your own portfolio or private private page for correspondence
  • creating your own website (blog) - from a simple business card to a small portal
  • complete freedom of access regulation on established спикам Your user groups
  • a full freedom in editing their blogs and portfolio
  • the presence of a search engine on categories of activities Your personal website (blog)
  • the presence of selection of topics for the portfolio and blog
  • the availability of services to enable additional features and bonus programs
  • the lack of any payment for the creation, deployment and maintenance of a portfolio or website (blog)
  • enable the host name for the portfolio and blogs
  • the opportunity to order individual subjects, as well as the creation of additional opportunities for Your wishes
  • the discussion of the users of certain subjects, as well as the availability of private messages administration
  • and many other things.